Touch Drawing Introduction

with Kirsten Carpentier

Sunday, Mar 24, 2013, 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Spend a Sunday afternoon in meditative creative exploration!

Touch Drawing is basically a print, but the process and the results can lead to endless possibilities! Most people find it very freeing and deeply relaxing. The process is both playful and profound; perfectly suited to the artistically shy or reluctant. You’ll make at least a dozen or more Touch Drawings in this session. In a follow up workshop or Open Studio, you’ll learn there are many exciting ways to embellish your work or create other art with these drawings.

Touch Drawing is about the PROCESS not the PRODUCT

Background Info: Touch Drawing was discovered by Deborah Koff-Chapin about 35 years ago, but it is as oldIMG_0381_0001 as the human hand itself. Koff-Chapin was cleaning up a lithograph project on her final day of art school when she started to play with her hands and the paper towels. She soon found herself laughing and discovering a completely new way (to her) to draw! The results were both simple and profound, as the freedom of using one’s hands without a tool allows direct contact with the creative process. Almost anyone with some movement in their hands can do Touch Drawing, so it is ideal for all ages and physical or cognitive abilities. The Center for Touch Drawing website is a great resource:


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