Spirit Dolls: Calling dreams & ancestors to play!

Spirit Dolls: Calling dreams & ancestors to play!

with Kirsten Carpentier

Sunday, Nov 3, 2013, 1:30pm – 5:00pm

We’ll use cloth, wire, ribbons, feathers and found objects to create small soft sculptures which embody our dreams and hopes and celebrate our quirks and imperfections.  We will look to archetypes and ethnic origins for inspiration. You’ll find this workshop both profound and playful with many surprises. Come with a friend and together delight in this afternoon of artistic exploration. Self-identified “non-artistic” persons encouraged to attend!  We’ll provide a plethora of materials to use, but bring something small and personal to incorporate into your Spirit Doll. For adult women and teen girls aged 15 and older. Maximum of 8 participants.

Kirsten has facilitated this workshop many times and it is always full of discovery. Read more at: http://artfortransformation.net/2011/02/02/notes-from-a-spirit-doll-playshopRachelle having fun with wrapping-2/




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