Smashing Color: Color Mixing 101

Smashing Color: Color Mixing 101

with Maggie Maggio

Saturday, Sep 28, 2013, 9:30am – 4:00pm

Forget the rules. Throw out the color wheel. Come play with color just for the fun of it!

Most color theory is simplistic, misleading, confusing or just plain wrong. This introduction to Smashing Color theories will challenge you to rethink everything you thought you knew about color!

Whether you choose colors instinctively or intentionally, the relationships between the colors you use define your work and your message.  The class will start with two exercises designed to train your eye  – and your brain – to see these all important color relationships.

The core of the class will be practicing modern color mixing basics the easiest way possible – by playing with polymer clay.  Learn the properties of color, identify your unique preferences for color temperature, contrast and composition, and explore the many worlds of color using Maggie’s Mixing Map to guide the way.

Build up your color foundation with basic information about the chemistry, optics and psychology of color. Leave with an appreciation for the complexity of color and an increased understanding of where each color lives in the inter-connected system that is the world of color.

Note: Polymer clay will be used for the color mixing exercises but this workshop is open to artists working in all media. Maggie Maggio’s Mixing Map is a unique and fabulously easy way to learn to mix colors. Even if you are an experienced mixer, you will learn to see color in a whole new way!


Additional Information

Experience Level: All levels. No experience with polymer clay is necessary.

Minimum Students: 3  Maximum Students: 8

Materials Cost: Included in the price. All tools and materials will be provided.

Class Fee: $60

Teacher Bio
Maggie Maggio is an internationally recognized polymer artist with over twenty years of experience teaching color to artists. Her frustration with traditional color theory led to the creation of Smashing Color workshops which “smash” many of the most commonly held beliefs about color.

Maggie shares her passion for color, and her explorations in teaching color in the 21st century, on her popular Smashing Color blog.

Maggie’s contemporary art jewelry can be seen on her gallery website.


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