Polymer clay book covers: a guided exploration

Polymer clay book covers: a guided exploration

with Laurel Swetnam

Saturday , Feb 27, 2016, 9:00am – 3:30pm

The alluring canvas of book covers is irresistible!  You can start with cardboard or make your own cover entirely out of polymer clay, sewing in pages with thread.  Or you can keep it simple and embellish a ready made journal for an appealing artistic touch.  Cane slices are excellent, textures can add depth and you can build dimension using sculptural techniques.   This is a “guided exploration” because I’m no expert!  I will teach a few canes for decoration and demo texture techniques.  I’ll share a simple way to tie in paper pages and we’ll experiment together.  This experiment is a bargain at just $30.00 for the day!  Advanced beginner and above.

blue tiles on journal book cover


This event is fully booked.