Mixing Map 101: Navigating the World of Color

Mixing Map 101: Navigating the World of Color

with Maggie Maggio

Saturday, Jul 20, 2013, 9:30am – 4:00pm

Forget the rules. Throw out the color wheel! Maggie’s Mixing Map is designed to show you the direction you need to go to mix colors quickly and intuitively. Think of it as your GPS for color!

Whether you want to mix just one color to match, create a color-coordinated palette of many colors, or just pick colors for your home, this Smashing Color workshop will take you well along your way to becoming confident with color.

Train your eyes to see the many nuances of color by sorting swatches and making colors scales using a variety of color mixing techniques.

Make a collage to explore your own personal color sense and intuitively mix colors to match in polymer clay – the perfect medium for color exercises!

Have fun along your journey as you pivot your core colors in different compass directions to create a palette inspired by your collage.

You will go home with a gorgeous palette ready to use in a future project and a deep appreciation for where each color lives in the interconnected system that is the wonderful world color.

Note: If you would like to work in a medium other than polymer clay please contact me for the colors to bring.


Registration is closed for this event.