Fishtail Pendant: Designing with KOLORMONDO

Fishtail Pendant: Designing with KOLORMONDO

with Maggie Maggio

Saturday, Jun 10, 2017, 9:30am – 5:00pm

NEW DATE!  Rescheduled class from December. Please re-register if you signed up before. Past payments will be reimbursed.

Travel the world of color while making a collection of simple flat beads and color coordinated, reversible pendants using Maggie’s Smashing Color Mixing Map and signature ColorWash technique.

This one-day workshop  introduces you to the world of KOLORMONDO -the Swedish color globe that makes understanding color easy and fun.

A good part of the day will be spent auditioning your colors by making sampler beads and testing variations in the technique to find just the right undertones and color combinations for you.

We will refer to your test beads to refine the colors of your personal palette before choosing a ColorScheme to use for your collection of  flat beads.

The real fun begins when you cut out the pieces, flip them over, and mix and match them for a full collection of solid color beads!

Once they are all cured, you can select your favorite pieces to finish and string into a beautiful Fishtail Pendant. Take the rest of your beads home to finish and use to create color washed jewelry such as a simple single bead pendant or complex Circles and Leaves Necklace.

Note: Inexpensive stringing kits for for making gifts will be for sale the day of the workshop.

Materials to Bring: Pasta machine, work surface, pin tool and blade (Kits are available for use by beginner polymer artists at VIA Artistica.) Polymer clay is donated.

Class Length: One Day.  Seven hours of instruction.

Instructor Fee: $100/student   One-time only special price for VIA Artistica students: $75.

Class Size: Maximum – 12 students.


Registration is closed for this event.