Smashing Color Retreat – Spring 2013

Smashing Color Retreat - Spring 2013

with Maggie Maggio

Monday - Friday, May 20 – May 24, 2013, 9:30am – 5:00pm

Strengthening Your Color Voice
Five‐Day Personal Color Retreat

Everyone has a unique and instinctive sense of color. When you combine this very personal sense of color with your preferences for contrast and compositions you create a distinctive color voice.

Come spend an entire week exercising your color voice inspired by artists who share your passion for color. The focus will be on developing a personal palette and on adding depth to your work. Maggie will teach in the morning and guide the studio time in the afternoon.

Learn how to combine your color preferences with information about the meaning, symbolism and psychology of color and instinctively mix colors for a palette designed to communicate a message.

The first day will be spent creating and fine-tuning your palette. The second day’s morning exercises will include discovering the secrets of color flow. The third and forth days will be spent exploring the games colors play and the differences between what a color is and what a color appears to be.

The afternoons are your time for personal color exploration. Bring your favorite medium and a sample of a small project and then make this project in many different combinations as you learn from hands-on experience how to mix and combine colors that sing!


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